i got sunburned, don’t tell my mom

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5 Points will be deducted from Gryffindor ‘cause Harry’s being a little bitch

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but why does sirius black have prison tattoos in the prisoner of azkaban movie? is there a strong prison culture in azkaban? did he find a non death eater or two to bond with? he literally has tattoos on each of his fingers what did he do over those 12 years do they have movie nights and crazy high jinx involving contraband what exactly happens in azkaban 

orange is the new sirius black

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if i die before my favorite show ends then use an ouija board to keep me updated about what happens next

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*swallows a watermelon seed* *thinks about that episode of Rugrats*

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Anonymous said: Why not fall in love?

brianashanee replied:

I got shit to do

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"I hold it true, whate’er befall; I feel it when I sorrow most; ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.

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college plans? no no, i’m finally starting my pokemon journey

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person: who’s your favorite disney princess?

me: *points to self*

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Visual Development from Alice in Wonderland by Mary Blair

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